Is Making More Money & Becoming Financially Free a lot harder than you thought it would be? You Are Not Alone

Join fellow female entrepreneurs, business owners and other women who want to escape the daily grind at the Ultimate Financial Freedom & Beyond Workshop for Women. This event is designed to inspire and empower you with proven strategies, no nonsense tactics and easy to follow systems that will help take you from the frustrations of your current financial situation to confidently creating your own path to Financial Freedom, Choice and Security. 

The Business of Money team is delighted to announce that the kick start event for the Ultimate Financial Freedom & Beyond for Women 2017 Program is to be held in beautiful Tampa, Florida, USA on the 8th and 9th of April, 2017  

Discover the Secrets and Strategies to Building a Totally FINANCIALLY FREE LIFE

If you answered yes to any of the first four questions then The Ultimate Financial Freedom & Beyond Workshop for Women is for you. You will learn the strategies behind everything you need to do, to reach your financial freedom goals, and more importantly, you’ll have a complete step-by-step plan that will leave you confident in your future financial decisions

YOUR SPEAKER - Maree Walden Mac Guinness

Using her unique way of thinking, no nonsense strategies and smart money tools, Maree Walden Mac Guinness went from an 18 year old single mother with zero money in the bank to the present day as a successful property investor, business owner, entrepreneur and mother of three. Maree now enjoys 100% financial freedom. The fair dinkum Financial Freedom Fighter from Down Under, (Gold Coast, Australia), combines a unique blend of street smart wealth creation knowledge with an uplifting and straightforward attitude.

“The one thing I truly believe is it's women who will move our current world forward by becoming financially free. If you really want to make a difference, take 100% responsibility for your financial freedom. It doesn’t matter who is in government, what money laws change, what the stock market does, whether property goes up or down. It is up to you to be adaptable and work with it. This is the BUSINESS OF MONEY and this is how you individually and collectively will change this world one dollar at a time. As women it is our time to make the change”

Maree has had shared her extensive business, sales, marketing and wealth creation knowledge with thousands of people internationally, from one on one mentoring, to corporate companies, to training and lecturing thousands of students in business colleges and universities. Teaching is her passion and her reward is the success of those she share her knowledge with

“It is important to me to share my knowledge with other women who long to be financial free and want the freedom of choice in their lives. It is not rocket science, however, it takes commitment. Financial Freedom is a Choice and we all deserve to Choose"






Saturday, April 8th, 2017:

8:15 am-9am: Welcome Coffee & Registration

9am-5pm: Workshop (1 hour lunch break)

5:30pm-9:30: VIP Drinks/Dinner & Mastermind

Sunday, April 9th, 2017:

8:30am : Welcome Coffee

9:00am - 2:00pm: Workshop (short morning tea break)

2:00 : After Workshop Networking Drinks at nearby venue TBA

**Hours are subject to change. Please check back for updates.


Saturday, April 8th, 2017:

To create a dynamic path to financial freedom you need to have a clear Understanding of You and Your Money. Together we will clear the path of the past and move forward to the future with a clear financial freedom vision

You will set your initial Financial Freedom Goal

Discover you Money Story and Why You are Not Financially Free Now

Understand why money matters can be so overwhelming  

Learn how to make a dynamic Mind Shift to overcome the Negative Influences and Influencers that hinder your wealth creation

Discover where you are right now financially with our simple to use tools

Explore your relationship with money and how to take it from ordinary into a hot and steamy money love affair

Understand why your business is not delivering the revenue you thought it would and how you can charge what you are worth to amplify your revenue

Discover why money comes more easily to others and how you can be a money magnet too

Understand how to create money habits for wealth creation

Discover how to respect your money and why the purpose of money is a first class ticket to financial freedom

Follow simple income distribution methods to create a clear path for financial success

Learn how to control your money more efficiently and effectively in 6 easy steps

Discover why Budget is a dirty word. We share strategies to control your money without the constraints and pressure of the “B” word

Network with other financial freedom fighters who are looking for more

At the End of Day One 

You will have a clear vision and understanding of where you are at financially

You will recognise how your past habits and relationship with money have hindered your wealth creation. 

You will know how to shift the money conversation dynamic with your partner, family and friends so money talk in your home or business is a healthy conversation not a challenging one

You will have a fresh new confident approach to building your wealth

The Money Personality Quiz will show you what type of money personality you have – and how this personality will influence your Financial Freedom Path 

*** Order of Content may change on actual day to benefit attendees


Sunday, April 9th, 2017:

Day Two is about creating and designing your own financial freedom path and a structure plan to support the journey. 

You will set your Updated Financial Freedom Goal

Discover how to develop a clear and fool proof financial freedom plan

Learn how to identify your success drivers and how these drivers will keep you on your Financial Freedom Path

You will discover the 6 different methods the wealthy achieve financial freedom and how some of these have worked for me

Learn how to recognise, avoid and prepare for the money curve balls that can take you out financially

Explore ways to make your money work for you – leveraging your existing income

Discover how to develop more than one income stream and which one will suit you

Learn strategies to amplify your existing business to bring in more revenue

Discover the hot new business opportunities in 2017 and how to tap into those industries

Match investment strategies to your money personality, financial freedom goals and lifestyle choices.

I share exactly how I have gone from Single Mum living on potatoes, eggs and bread to living the dream of financial freedom and choice

Together we will rewrite your final Financial Freedom Goal 

Discover much more beyond financial freedom and how you can make a difference in our world, independently and together

At the End of Day Two

You will have a real Financial Freedom Plan that you can implement immediately with the strategies you have learned and the opportunities that suit your money personality

We will provide you with clear strategies and easy to use tools that will propel you on your financial freedom path

You will understand and recognise wealth building opportunities that align with your Financial Freedom Goal

*** Order of Content may change on actual day to benefit attendees


At The End of the Event You will Have the Resources to Move Forward

• A real plan of how to manage your money more effectively • The steps you need to take to become financially free.  

• The Ultimate Financial Freedom Reference and Workbook including your financial freedom plan created during the workshop, clear strategies and inspirations that you can refer back to at any time to keep you not only on track but will continue to inspire you to move forward to your financial freedom. 

• Solid connections with other liked minded women who want to be financially free and who want to make a difference in the world 


 • Access to the Business of Money “Secret Suitcase”. A collection of my money saving tips, recommendations, money calculators, useful links and my secret cost saving business and travel tips 


• Access to the Ultimate Financial Freedom Private Facebook Group – where you will continue to learn, ask questions, be supported, connect and be inspired  



200 N Westshore Blvd, Tampa, FL 33607

Phone: 813 282 3636

Our Financial Freedom & Beyond Event will be held at the Ramada Hotel Tampa right on the vibrant Westshore area of Tampa

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